9th March 1919

Sunday 9th March we spent in Wimereux – a big day. We went first to 32 Stationary, and did a ward, and then the operating Theatre with three couches, two women anaesthetists at work and Col. Fullerton operating on a foot.

No 32 Stationary

Patients and nurses in Ward E of No. 32 Stationary Hospital at Wimereux (IWM).

Col Fullerton

Colonel Fullerton in the operating theatre at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux (IWM).

An orderly let my camera drop on the polished floor and the lens and brass work were wrenched out and other damage done but we got it together.

I was much impressed with Dr McNeill [MacNeil] who told us a great deal about the enormous amount of work she had come through at times of pressure in the war. She looked so young and pretty, and yet had been able to tackle such tremendous work and responsibility.

Dr MacNeill

Dr MacNeil and Miss Flower (matron) attend to patients in the surgical ward or Sisters and Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) of a women’s hospital at Chateau Mauritien, Wimereux, France, during the First World War (IWM).

…We next went to 83 Dublin, and Fromont helped whilst I did a couple of ward photos… We were all this day in charge of the Chief Matron, Miss McKie, whom I much liked. She had started and run early in the war a hospital with 2550 beds in Trouvile, always full. The numbers and the things she told us were staggering. It made me think more and more of the wonderful capacity of women – given their opportunity to exercise it – which the war certainly had given them.

I was hard at work ¬†packing up and mending the broken camera until 1am…we were to start at 8:30 for Etaples.


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